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Probleme in der WoW Beta

Sylf2 Kommentare

Auch in der Legion Beta läuft natürlich noch längst nicht alles rund! Naja dafür ist es ja schließlich auch "Beta". Blizzard hat nun in einem offiziellem Blue-Post die ersten Fehler gemeldet, die seit der Eröffnung der Beta-Phase am Donnerstag bekannt wurden


  • Players are unable to send mail.
  • Players may be kicked off of the Zeppelin from Grom'gol Base Camp to Orgrimmar and re-spawned in Kalimdor.

Player Character Models:

  • The tattoo color for demon hunters can be changed at the barber shop to green but it can't be changed back.
  • Pistols will remain holstered during shoot animations for Pandaren Male and Female player character models.

Creatures and Spawning:

  • Lighting is not being applied uniformly on NPCs in certain locations causing some creatures or parts of the creature to appear grey.
  • Demon Hunter faces can experience texture issues when cycling through tattoo customization options.
  • Standing from a sleeping position with an Orc Female will cause your client to crash.
  • Rothoof Defiler is not visible on the Low Shadow Quality setting due to the shader cosmetic effect present.
  • Aquaos the Unleashed is using player spells.

Battlegrounds, Arenas, PvP and Abilities:

  • Battlegrounds and Arenas can fail to load assets.
  • Hunter - The area trigger created by Windburst cannot be seen when the player's Graphics settings are set to 3 or less.
  • Shaman - Sundering has display issues when cast against walled terrain or building WMOs.
  • Druid - Barkskin is causing graphical issues with all the different Bear Models.
  • Rogue - Grappling Hook lacks a spell visual when cast.
  • Paladin - The Lawful Words buff from the Item - T17 Holy 2P Bonus isn't consumed when casting Flash of Light despite the tooltip information.
  • Bursting Sores lacks a spell graphic when triggered from Festering Wound.

Artifacts and Artifact Questlines:

  • Shaman - Players who pursue the restoration artifact after the elemental artifact will be roadblocked at the end of the quest "Azshara's Power".
  • Monk - Players may be unable to loot Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion at the end of the Brewmaster Artifact Scenario "The Trial of the Jade Serpent".
  • Lore books are not interactable once a player earns their first Artifact Knowledge point unless they relog.


  • Two versions of Jace Darkweaver are visible in Stormwind Keep after turning in the quest "Demons Among Us".
  • The transport never arrives during the Alliance side version of "Call of Duty", preventing completion of the quest.
  • Abandoning the quest "Blood of Our Enemy" after completing any of the associated missions "Blood of Our Enemy" prevents future quest completion.
  • Quest bangs that display on multiple submaps do not display a z-axis indicator.
  • Champion acquisition quest bangs do not properly clean up after associated quest completion.
  • During the quest "The Cycle Continues", party members do not share quest credit when they use Dream Seeds.
  • The Nightmare Creep does not properly display a visual effect during the quest "Cleaning Up"
  • Abandoning the quest "When There's a Will, There's a Way" after completing an associated mission prevents future quest completion.
  • Abandoning the quest "Following In His Footsteps" after completing the associated missions "Archmage Vargoth's Travels: The Nightborne Vault" prevents future quest completion.
  • A "You don't meet the requirements for that quest" error occurs after turning in "The Return of Twilight"
  • Abandoning the quest "Ancient Magic" after completing the associated mission "Ancient Magic" prevents future quest completion.
  • The quest "Unseen Protection" cannot be completed if abandoned and reacquired after it reaches the "Ready to Turn in State".
  • Baron Scaldius does not reset after abandoning the quest "The Firelord's Command" forcing players to reset the instance.
  • The quest "Return to the Firelands" cannot be completed if abandoned and reacquired after it reaches the "Ready to Turn in State".
  • Abandoning the quest "Mission: Investigating Deepholm" after completing the associated mission "Investigating Deepholm" prevents future quest completion.
  • The Deepholm Portal despawns after completing "A Promise of Earth".
  • Interacting with the Earth Giant NPCs for the "Unleashing the Elements" quest does not share quest credit with party members.
  • Abandoning the quest "Enemies of Air" after completing any of the associated missions "Thunderaan's Enemies" prevents future quest completion.
  • The 'Farseer' title isn't rewarded after completing "The Brand of Damnation"
  • The quest "Rise, Champions" does not have a quest beacon poi indicating it is available.
  • Abandoning the quest "Mission: Elemental Diplomacy" after completing the associated mission "Elemental Diplomacy" prevents future quest completion.
  • "A Summons From Moonglade" lacks a quest bang on the world map.


  • Mac - Logging into the world can cause a lua error to occur.
  • Game tooltips sometimes get stuck in a state where they only remain on screen for a fraction of a second.
  • Mac - There is a rendering issue while Outline Mode is enabled in Outland Areas.


mein problem ist mehr, das ich keine betakey hab =/

Ich glaube der Hauptfehler ist das "Phasing" Problem, wodurch alle NPCs in manchen Gebieten verschwinden. :)

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